2018 – Becoming Queen B

Hey guys, I’m B. I’m keeping my real name private for the time being, but I’ve had friends call me B before, so this fits. Whether it was meant to reference queen bees, or the love letter to Gossip Girl that was my high school years, or possibly a less family-friendly description, the world may never know. Regardless, I’ve chosen it as my Internet persona. Which brings us right back to…hey guys. I’m B.

Does anyone else kinda feel like 2017 sucked? In like the worst sort of dystopian fiction way. Not only was the leader of the free world some kind of power-hungry citrus fruit, but my best friend and the boy I love started (and quickly ended) a relationship, my friend group fell to shambles, and my entire life plan changed.

But that’s last year.

And this, right here, is 2018. So I’ve decided to make this the year in which I go back to the B who stormed right into adulthood, two years ago, with a head full of dreams. 2017 sort of killed my inspiration to do more instead of just settling. And I realized last month that I have spent a lot of this past year sitting on a dirty couch drinking bad liquor next to a boy who may or may not actually love me, and I have to make a change.

So I’m applying to graduate programs and jobs a thousand miles away from here. I’m getting pickier about my friends. I’m holding my boy to higher standards. I’m trying to remind myself of all the reasons I believed life in my twenties would be wonderful, and even if it isn’t, I owe it to myself to try to become queen B again.

What do you want to accomplish in 2018? No, better question. Who do you want to be? Feel free to talk to me. I like being talked to. Tell me how crappy your 2017 was and how much faith you have in 2018, because you are not alone.

xoxo B